Arteon Token: De-Fi In a Hybrid Jacket


An example of an Arteon Graphics Card: the Genesis version (not yet released!)

Creating an entire Arteon NFT market

Arteon’s OpenSea page where all new released cards will be available

The evolved staking mechanism (or do we call it farming these days?)

Decentralized burning

A burnings table showing the most recent transactions and the number of tokens burned, on the updated website
As you can see, between every normal transaction, there is a transaction that a small number of Arteon are sent to 0x0 and burned off the total supply
As you can see, this transaction burned 0.001% of the amount of Arteon sent, worth about $0.02 at the time ..

Tokenomics & Roadmap

As you can see, the two largest holders are both smart contracts, one is Uniswap, the other is Pyrabank, which we’ll get to in a moment ..
A screenshot from Pyrabank …

In which wallets can you keep your Arteon?

A good tutorial on how to use MetaMask

Arteon community & resources